Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flying on one wing

Have I mentioned how much I dislike stitching the same canvas twice? In the rare instances when I've found myself in this situation, I've tried to make the second time around as different as possible from the first. With that said, I introduce Guardian Angel #2!

Working from the same line drawing, I plan to change the colors and stitches on this second angel to keep myself motivated. She's flying on one wing so far--using Kreinik tapestry braid in #032 instead of gold--but like any proper angel, her halo is on straight, her makeup has been applied, and her hair is done. Unlike her buddy, she has a side part to her hair, which is worked in a gobelin stitch using Silk & Ivory. Her underskirt was also stitched in a different color family of pink from the first angel.

Angel #1 now has wings in Nobuko stitch. What a versatile stitch Nobuko is--equally suitable for trees in the background of a lighthouse, as used in the St. Marks lighthouse canvas, as well as lacy wings for an angel! She also has a shawl of Vineyard Silk "Tea Rose" stitched in diagonal mosaic. I deliberately skipped every other stitch at the bottom of the shawl and will later insert looped turkey work once the overskirt is finished.

Pattern has now been added to her overskirt through a simple combination of stitch and color. I first stitched grid lines of white floss, at intervals of five thread intersections both horizontally and vertically. I added the lighter pink floss in mosaic stitches and finished the windowpane plaid effect with a darker pink to match the Vineyard Silk.

It's time now to concentrate on Angel #2, who's looking a little chilly on this snowy winter morning!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

She is beautiful x 2! I love Nobuko also and use it a lot. Easy and fast, as well as pretty. These will be cheerful and uplifting companions to your friends, as well as Guardians. "He hath given His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." Psalms 91:11 - I keep that on my work table.

NCPat said...

These are really coming right along!

Edy/Grandma said...

How lovely. Your stitching always teaches me something...what a treasure you are -- Like attending a class in my jammies at home

Anne Stradal said...

I have to put clothes on in the morning to take out the dogs, but wish I could join you in your jammies! Thank you! I'll try to live up to your expectations--just trying to impart what I learn along the way.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

P.S. I love it that you created a "fabric" for the dress rather than suffocating it with a busy textured and complicated stitch. I sit here studying it with a towel over my wet hair that just came out of the shower. Sorry you have to get dressed.

g said...

very sweet ...and almost too perfect...that could be a might think that aliens are working your
g...we also have very little jammy time...the dogs keep us busy