Friday, January 23, 2009

Someone to watch over thee

I'm approaching my next project with mixed feelings. A dear friend has just embarked on a journey of healing, extending over many months, with which I am very familiar. She lives more than half-way across the country from me, but I wanted to give her something to remind her she's in my thoughts and prayers. So I've designed this little guardian angel to watch over her during her recovery.

The basic design elements are in place: the angel is holding a bouquet of spring flowers, symbolizing hope and renewal, and the hem of her underskirt is trimmed with a stylized rendering of the Susan B. Komen "For the Cure" ribbon. I deliberately kept the treatment of the ribbon subtle, not knowing where my friend will display her angel, but cognizant that a lot of folks don't want to broadcast to the world their medical condition.

When DS #2 saw the scan of the design, he remarked "Nice idea, but isn't it kinda plain?" I assured him that this little angel will be anything but plain by the time I'm finished stitching! I've sorted through my stash of threads and have some possibilities--now I have to make this angel as bright, cheerful and uplifting as I can!


NCPat said...

So very thoughtful!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is beautiful - are you familiar with Psalms 91:11? I do love Guardian Angels - this is a sweet and thoughtful gift.