Monday, January 5, 2009

Moving along with tan

The next sections I've chosen to stitch on the "Nippon Textures" canvas are those with varying shades of tan. There's a bit of a departure here from the three distinct groups of red that I discussed in my last post. The tan sections on the far left and far right meet in the accents of the central geisha's kimono, then travel to the bottom of the canvas in the kimono of the left geisha.

The section on the far right will later have a figural pattern in white, so I chose to stitch it in basketweave in DMC #435. Using this same thread, I added the accents to the pattern of the central geisha's kimono. I also used this thread in the back of the obi knot on the far left. Here I had a little room to play with, so I used a diagonal mosaic stitch--good for small areas which can benefit from some texture.

The background of the left geisha's kimono is stitched in basketweave using Vineyard Silk "Sahara." Then I added the darker accent with the DMC #435 in single stitches. Later this area, too, will have a figural pattern in white.

Next up will be the white, for a little bit of glitz!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is really coming to life with the addition of your beautiful stitching and thread choices. Great explanation too - it's easy to follow and understand!

Anonymous said...

Looking very good, Anne! I like the idea of doing one color at a time to stitch the canvas. Can't wait for the next installment.