Friday, January 30, 2009

Warmer now!

I always was a monogamous stitcher, but this past week I realized why. There's definitely something to be said for stitching one project at a time: you see a heck of a lot more progress that way!

Angel #2 is now more aerodynamically stable with two wings, and she's a lot warmer with her shawl. The latter was stitched in Tiny Knitting with The Thread Gatherer's Sheep's Silk "Light Moss." Sheep's Silk is a thinner silk/wool blend and ideal for this stitch. Tiny Knitting is the Kalem stitch on a smaller scale: over one intersection instead of two. It's great for small areas and also produces a more delicate look. For you knitters out there, think worsted with size 8 needles (Kalem) versus fingering yarn on size 2 needles (Tiny Knitting). The shawl will also get looped turkey work at the bottom edge later on.

Her overskirt is now half done in a framed Scotch stitch. The overall effect of a windowpane plaid is created by first stitching a grid of white floss, at seven stitch intervals both horizontally and vertically, which ties in with the white metallic of the wings. The Scotch stitch is then worked in rows of a floss darker than the shawl, and the final grid is added in the same pink as the ribbons at the hem of her underskirt. Interestingly, using a slightly larger scale stitch--Scotch versus mosaic on Angel #1--and a darker color for the predominant stitch gives an overall appearance of a pattern more contemporary than the one in Angel #1. Polly Flinders meets J. Crew.

Now to finish them both!


Love to Stitch 99 said...


I know what you mean by being a monogamous stitcher. I feel much more comfortable doing just that, but lately I have been working on many projects at the same time.

Though it is in a sense interesting as you can't be bored when you juggle that many projects at the same time, there is a downside and it is just like you have said. It takes much longer to get something done.

Right now, I can't help it as I just have too many balls in the air.

Only the future will tell if I will revert to being a monogamous or not (grinning).

Pierrette =^..^=

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I don't have enough character to be a monogamous stitcher. Also, the color changes help keep my interest up and going. I rather fancy, being a knitter myself, size 13 needles and double the worsted.

threadmedley said...

These two little angels will be so stylish! Just beautiful.
I used to do just one project at a time. But now that I'm creating designs too, I find I have several going at once. While I mull over patterns and stitches for a new design, I work on something else. Right now it's a Christmas stocking for one of my grandgirls.

g said...

lol....I am a one project at a time...and work like I paint like someone is chasing me...manic to get finished...I have never had an unfinshed project sitting lose ..I took up knitting the same way... knitted like crazy..hats ,mittens sweathers..I stitch to have samples to show to make money and promote...the same reaason I paint...just a working artist..maybe that is why I don't find all this stitching relaxing...
your angels are dear..