Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

"On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love said to me: 'It's time to take down the Christmas tree."

But I did snap a photo before all the ornaments were put away! This is our primary tree, situated between the kitchen and family room where family and friends seem to congregate during holiday time. It's traditionally decorated with lighthouse ornaments, all of them designed and stitched by yours truly.

This year there were 74 lighthouses hanging on the tree--there would have been 76, but I didn't have time to stitch models for the two newest ones: Biloxi, Mississippi, and St. Marks, Florida. Twenty-five states and two Canadian provinces are represented, ranging from Washington State to Nova Scotia, and from California to Florida.

Of course, there will be more next year--I'm always finding a new one that appeals to me, or someone asks me if I can design one for them. The latter is the part I most enjoy--knowing there's a person out there who really wants a memento of a particular lighthouse. I research all of my designs thoroughly for authenticity, and then stitch-paint them to insure accuracy.

The lighthouses will emerge later this month to take a trip to The Needlepointer in Everett, Washington, for a trunk show, but for now. alas, they're all tucked snugly in their beds.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Having seen these on a wall at Needlewoman East as part of a trunk show, I can attest that they are AMAZING. Each is different and fascinating and when you see a huge number together, they make me want to move to Maine and stitch my brains out to have a New England Christmas with them!


M&Co. said...

What a great tree, Anne!

g said...

Too funny...I too have a trunk show at the Needlepointer in November...and we use the same finisher...lol...interbreeding ...lol..this will be my first trunk show...silly me ...I thought that meant you just put some designs in a big trunk and mailed it...lol...
i know you will be a success..
g...beautiful tree perfect shape...

Lelia said...

Always difficult to take down the tree and decs! What a beautiful tree you had over the holidays