Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The sky's my limit!

For stitching, that is, before Thanksgiving Day! I'll spend almost four hours in the car tomorrow, up to Boston and back to share a holiday meal with No. 2 son, a victim of "Black Friday" who couldn't make it home for the traditional feast.

I just finished needle-blending the sky for the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse. Believe me--needle-blending is not something you want to attempt in a car. All those plies of DMC cotton floss, in different shades, floating around and likely to get mixed up--it's not a palatable thought! So I picked out my color family and started in with DMC floss #3755, in four plies, from the top of the canvas to the black railing below the lantern room. I then used the following "recipe," in intervals of six threads deep, to reach the horizon line:

Row 2: DMC #3755-3 plies; DMC #3325-1 ply
Row 3: DMC #3755 - 2 plies; DMC #3325-2 plies
Row 4: DMC#3755-1 ply; DMC #3325-3 plies
Row 5: DMC #3325-4 plies
Row 6: DMC #3325 - 3 plies; DMC #3841 - 1 ply
Row 7: DMC #3325 -2 plies; DMC #3841 - 2 plies
Row 8: DMC #3325 - 1 ply; DMC #3841 - 3 plies
Row 9: DMC #3841 - 4 plies

I've pulled threads for the lighthouse and some of the scenery, which I'll be able to work on in the car fairly easily. So next time, hopefully, I'll have some progress to share!

Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Day!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

The shading, for some reason, really shows up well on this one - maybe it's because of the red against it. Makes it more intense. I'm loving this red lighthouse.

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

I agree with Judy that the sky looks great with the red of the lighthouse!

I am envious that you can stitch in a car, I can't... :-(

Windy Meadow