Friday, October 22, 2010

A good day's work

Yesterday was a mixed-bag day, but a good one!

I began the day with a trip to my LNS, Town-Ho Needleworks, shopping list in hand as if I were going to the grocery store. I also brought along my little Leprechaun, who will be finished as a cylindrical ornament.

Greeting me at the LNS was Humpty Dumpty, finished as a stand-up! If you recall, I designed and stitched this little fellow for my neighbor's newest granddaughter, Amelia, who was born at the end of August. I'm thrilled with the way this gift was finished--the cording provides just the right amount of twinkle without going over the top!

I also scooped up a bunch of threads that I'll be using to stitch the beagle in my new Nenah Stone canvas--I needed an assortment of browns that just weren't forthcoming in my stash. Now that I've finished painting an order, I can go back to needle-blending the sky behind the beagle. And I need to finish stitching an ornament that I've been working on behind the scenes as the last Christmas present for this year. Busy days, busy people!


Kareen said...

This turned out adorable! It sounds like you're keeping busying with stitching. I am excited to see Molly idolized in thread. :] Lovely flowers on the other post, by the way.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Humpty was cute before, but now he really comes to life. I like the simple finishing! Carry on - "busy" is good.

threadmedley said...

What a little treasure Humpty will be for your neighbor's grandchild! Love the braid they created for him. Now I'm looking forward to seeing Molly come to life.

Cool City Stitcher said...

I enjoy seeing the 'finished' project and this is a perfect finish. What a special gift for a child's room.