Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back from the beauty salon

No, not me!--I get a haircut every two years whether I need it or not! It's Judy Harper's little Maureen who's just had her make-up applied and her hair coiffed.

I began by stitching the skin tones in DMC cotton floss #948, with DMC floss #3774 for shading. I stitched over the eyebrows, going back later to add them on top of the worked areas using two plies of DMC floss #632 and then adding the eyelashes. The mouth is DMC floss #761.

Before starting in on her hair, I stitched the tops of her sleeves in basketweave with dark green Petite Very Velvet--I want this little gal to be decked out in her best duds!--and added a headband in the same thread.

I used my hands-down favorite thread for hair--Silk & Ivory--in "Cinnamon," a rich auburn shade. This 50/50 blend of silk and wool gives hair the sheen of silk, the loft necessary to make it stand out from the face, and the look of natural hair. I worked it in satin stitch, following the sections of swirls and curls as they were painted on the canvas.

I'll move on to the dress next, as there's a fair amount of basketweave to be stitched that I want to get behind me!


Cool City Stitcher said...

She's a beauty! 'Love her hair and makeup..

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I'm more interested in her costume and want to see that shawl! She's awfully pretty with her hair-do. I wouldn't know how to stitch it. You make my little canvases come to life!!

Rachel said...

That really is a lovely hair colour. And it will look fabulous with the green!