Friday, November 26, 2010

Exit stage right

Coffee, the Arabian dancer, has finished her performance!

With the background completed, it was time to add the final details to her veil. A couple of months ago, I had picked up some interesting new--to me, anyway--threads for a Sailor's Valentine that I was working on. I didn't use the thread for that project, but vowed to find a use for it, as the colors were so appealing.

To finish off the veil, I used DMC Color Illusions #5 perle cotton #4030 in a satin stitch. In some variegated threads, the space between color changes is too great to use in a small space, but this one was just perfect. No need to "cut and paste" the thread to achieve the right gradation of color here! The weight of the perle cotton makes the veil stand out from the background, and the light playing off the twist in the thread gives the illusion of transparency, which is just right for a gauzy veil.

Next up: I'll continue with another character from Act II!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I can almost hear the music!! The veil is lovely - it does look almost transparent. I also like that touch of blue.

Anonymous said...

She is truly lovely! A perfect example of that part of the Nutcracker. Can't wait to see the next ornament.

LIZ said...

Coffee is too cute! Love the veil. I have used that thread and really like the fact that the color changes are much "shorter" than in most overdyes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely - bright-eyed and mischievous (I've never met a dancer that didn't fit that description!