Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The hexagonal tower of Point Atkinson lighthouse makes for some interesting angles, but when it comes to stitching, doesn't allow room for much beyond basketweave stitches. So after outlining the white of the tower, I decided to stitch the sky in a Nobuko stitch to provide a little contrast. And to provide a more realistic-looking sky, I opted to use the needle-blending technique using four strands of DMC cotton floss.

Starting at the top of the canvas with DMC floss #334, I worked six rows of Nobuko stitch across. I then followed this "recipe" in stitching down to the horizon:

Row 2: DMC #334 - 3 plies; DMC #3755 - 1 ply
Row 3: DMC #334 - 2 plies; DMC #3755 - 2 plies
Row 4: DMC #334 - 1 ply; DMC #3755 - 3 plies
Row 5: DMC #3755 - 4 plies

I then added DMC floss #3325 into the formula, gradually subtracting one ply of the darker shade and adding a ply of the lighter shade. By the time I reached the horizon, I was using four plies of DMC floss #3325.

Now I can finish stitching the tower itself and move on to the details at its base!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Nobuko is probably my favorite stitch also. I really have to try the needle blending, as your explanation is so simple. I look forward to the landscape around the tower, as you do incredible things in tiny little spaces.

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

Very pretty sky.

Now we are waiting with bated breath to see what you do with the ground and the bushes... :-)

Windy Meadow