Thursday, April 26, 2012

Batting 500

I've added another stitch to my compendium: the Ashley stitch, seen at top right and lower left in the first photo. I've done the groundwork for it with four plies of DMC floss #776.

This stitch is basically a cashmere stitch with the first and last short stitches eliminated. Every other vertical row is worked at a 90 degree angle to the row next to it. The gaps between "bricks," shown in the close-up photo, are supposed to be filled in with eight individual tent stitches that are either upright, sideways or angled. Hmmm....I'm not sure why the stitch is completed this way, except perhaps to give the impression of a little flower in the gaps.

Getting eight little stitches inside those gaps seems like an awful lot of trouble to me--I'll think about that later, when I've decided what color to use in finishing the stitch. I still have more canvas to cover!


Needle Nicely said...

This is really developing nicely. Love your color selections.

Bobbi said...

I recently used the Ashley stitch as a background. I filled in the space using a sparkly thread and a smyrna stitch. It looks great.