Sunday, January 31, 2016

Road trip company

DH and I took a trip to Boston this past week to attend the preview of Disney's newest release, The Finest Hours.  Heaven forbid I should ride in a car for an hour and a half each way without something to stitch, and my current magazine project was too big to take along.  So I unearthed an already-painted canvas of my Mexican Mariachi to keep me company.

The Mariachi is a cylindrical ornament, aka a "roll-up."  The trick in designing these ornaments is to think round while painting on the flat.  When finished, his serape will meet in the back for additional visual interest--no matter how good the finisher, I've never known an ornament that hangs completely straight!

Not enough stitching has been accomplished to take a progress photo--I switched back to the larger piece as soon as I got home--but I'll be back, hopefully soon,.

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Needle Nicely said...

This will really be fun to watch you stitch! Hope you enjoyed the Disney show.